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“I need my books from my car, then I’ll need you to put this back wherever my dad left it.”
Tod gave me a mock bow. “Anything else? Can I fan you with a big palm leaf? Feed you grapes while you write your homework in my blood?”

My Soul to Save, second book from Soul Screamers series by Rachel Vincent was still fast and enjoyable read, but a bit weaker than the first book.

When a famous pop star, Eden drops dead right on the stage and Kaylee doesn't have the urge to wail, she knows there's something wrong. Especially when no soul emerges from the pop-star's body, as if she didn't have any at all.

Kaylee discovers that Eden traded her soul to a Hellion for her, now lost, fame, fortune and beauty. And when Tod discovers that the same thing will happen to his ex-girlfriend, Addison Page, another famous pop-star, the gang knows they have to help her before she suffers the same fate - an eternity of agony and torture as a slave of the Hellion she sould her soul to, through the 'help' from a rich owner of a big entertainment company.

“They only offered that deal to the best of us. Addison’s words haunted me, and their implication sent fresh chills down my spine to pool in my limbs as my teeth began to chatter.
They’d done it before. A lot. Dekker Media was making deals with demons—and letting its teenage stars pay the price.”

>And let me just tell you that to agree with something like that is just plainly stupid and ignorant. Is really fame and fortune more important to them than their soul?<

I didn't enjoy this book as much as the previous one, mainly because the whole plot centered around this theme. Around saving soul of someone, who gave it out in the first place, because of her pure irresponsibility and ignorance.
I disliked Addison Page (and her sister for that matter) quite a lot, especially at first. She somehow reminded me of the old Miley Cyrus. > Pop-star, stupidly happy, rainbow-coloured teenage sitcoms and movies, cute with pale blue eyes.. yeah, sounds familiar..<
But also because it all centered too much around media, fame, rich pop stars, ruined careers and greedy owner of multinational movie company.. Not my thing at all.

“When you sign with Dekker, even if you’re not selling your soul, you’re selling out. They get most of us before we hit puberty, and you become whatever they want you to be. They design your look, cast you in their shows, and put you in at least one made-for-TV movie a year. The movies themselves don’t make much, but the merchandising brings in some serious cash.” She sighed and began ticking points off on her fingers. “They pick the songs you’ll record, schedule your appearances, and book your tours. They’ll even choose your haircut unless your agent is a real shark. But most of the agents are in John Dekker’s pocket, too, because they want clients who have guaranteed careers.”
So. Creepy. Dekker Media was starting to sound scarier than the Netherworld.
“Okay, maybe I’m misunderstanding, but we’re talking about the Dekker Media, right? The child-friendly, shiny-happy sitcoms? With the cartoon squirrel and the squeaky-clean animated fairy tales? That Dekker Media is actually reaping the souls of its stars in exchange for commercial success?”
Addison’s lip curled into a bitter smile. “Ironic, isn’t it?”

> Doesn't that sound a bit like a certain famous multinational company we all know?;) <

But there's also something very addicting about Soul Screamers series, I couldn't put it down in most parts. So I didn't hate My Soul to Save, it was still fast, entertaining read, also the Bean Sidhe world and Netherworld is intereting, but it was not as good as the first book for me.

“So, you’re not…dangerous?”
His pouty grin deepened into something almost predatory, like the Tod I’d first met two months earlier. “Oh, I’m dangerous….”
“Tod…” I warned, as Nash punched his brother in the arm, hard enough to actually hurt.
“Just not to you,” the reaper finished, shrugging at Emma. “I see you all the time, but you’ve never seen me, because Kaylee said if I got too close to you, I’d suffer eternity without my balls.”
“Jeez, Tod!” I shouted, my anger threatening to boil over and scald us all.
The reaper leaned closer to Emma and spoke in a stage whisper. “She’s not as scary as she thinks she is, but I respect her intent.”
Em looked like she didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, and I rolled my eyes at Tod. “Do you have to be so difficult?”

I stand by my opinion that Kaylee is an amazing heroine. Maybe she doesn't literally kick-asses like some of my favourite female characters, but she always saves the day with her quick wit and intelligence, I love that about her. And she also acts like a real teenager.
But, I didn't always like her with Nash, the love-interest Tbh. I didn't hate him, he is decent enough boyfriend so far in the series, but sometimes too much hormonal (both of them actually), overprotective toward her and a bit close minded for my taste. He also constantly snapped at someone (Mainly Tod).

Who I started to love more actually, is Tod. (But why does his name have to be Tod!? Is it a nickname or something? Am I the only one who doesn't like his name so much?)
But anyway, I liked him already in the first book, and his character gets only better and better. He's fun, he's unpredictable and he's sarcastic.

“Stop doing that!” Nash shouted, and I turned to see Tod on the bench seat next to him, one finger pressed to his lips in an exaggerated “shh” signal, while his other hand pointed at Emma.
“Sorry!” she snapped, assuming Nash was talking to her. She swerved into the right-hand lane without bothering to flick on her turn signal, and the driver of the car behind us honked, gesturing angrily. “It’s not like I’m actually wishing for more dead cheerleaders. I’m just saying, if someone has to go…”
Tod snorted. “I like her!”

I adored Kaylee's best friend, Emma. And yeah, the heroine actually confined in her with her Bean Sidhe secrets. What a refreshing surprise! Emma took everything with such an ease. I liked her attitude and personality. But I want to see more of their friendship in the next books, there was not enough of it.

Levi, Tod's boss was also interesting character. Little ginger boy by apperance, creepy old Reaper in actuality.

I'll definitely continue with this series.

“Chocolate says "I'm sorry" so much better than words.”
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A resident of Oklahoma, Rachel Vincent has a BA in English and an overactive imagination, and consistently finds the latter to be more practical. She shares her workspace with two black cats (Kaci and Nyx) and her # 1 fan. Rachel is older than she looks-seriously-and younger than she feels, but remains convinced that for every day she spends writing, one more day will be added to her lifespan.

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