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Have you ever been happily reading a good book? You’re about to find out what happens to the protagonist. Your heart is pounding with anticipation. When all of a sudden, out of nowhere, the book dumps you into a ridiculously long ass flashback. Everything comes to a complete and utter stop. It’s like being trapped in a meandering shaggy dog story. And of course you’ve got to read the damn flashback, because if you don’t you may not completely grasp the full ramifications of the ending.

Well, Shift is a 600 page, doorstopper flashback.

To be honest, I sort of hated the book even before I began. I wanted to go forwards, not backwards.

But I tried to stay optimistic. After all, I loved Wool. I loved the nostalgia Wool generated in me for classic SciFi. I loved the suspense. The characters were cool. I was ready to take the plunge.

Unfortunately, Shift is a long and tedious read.

First off, there’s little suspense. After all, it's a prequel, so of course I knew basically what was going to happen. Howey also had the audacity to drag it out. He kept describing the same things over and over again. I started counting how many times he mentions a tomato, or tomato soup, or tomato paste. The dead guys looked like tomato sauce was on them. Howey also likes to talk about the circular staircase in the silo and overalls. Bored, I started to wonder what these overalls are made of? It better not be cotton? They don’t have the room. And speaking of room, how can they grow so much wheat? How are their computers lasting for centuries (mine usually crash after ten years). And what is the hierarchy for the powers that be? Even Donald doesn’t know that for sure and he lives there?

And the absolute worst was that lame ass, WTF reason they blew up the world? I couldn’t believe that nobody, and I mean nobody, questions Thurman and his cronies? You’ve got to be kidding me? (view spoiler)[ Don’t tell me that the US Air Force was willing to blow up their own US cities, because I don’t buy it. And what?? They couldn’t work on finding a way to stop the Nanos, or make a stand-off, like we did for years with Russia and nuclear bombs during the cold war? Their only solution was to blow up the world, otherwise they would just have years of back and forth Nano warfare? Are you serious? And what was all that crap at the end about how only one silo can survive because people would kill each other. What, people can’t work together? Only in Howey’s world. Can I say PLOT HOLE?! *end of rant* (hide spoiler)]

In fact, there are several plot holes in Shift. Most of them have to do with character motivation and time. But let’s forget about that for a minute. Let’s talk about the characters.

Donald -- God I hated that guy. I swear the whole book is him having a pity party. I could handle it in the beginning (after all, horrible things happen to him) but by the third book I wanted to rip his head off. I know Donald is supposed to be a sympathetic character because he was duped and deceived, but let’s face it, he purposely tried to stay uninformed. That was his goal, to bury his head in the sand, even when obvious hints were thrown his way. I think he’s one of the biggest, redundant and whiney, woobie characters I’ve read in a long time. And the thing that finally tips him over the edge made my eyes roll. Turman’s been slaughtering people for years and Don finally decides to do something about it because (view spoiler)[he finally figured out that Anna purposely separated him from his wife? wtf? (hide spoiler)]

Thurman – Is a total nutcase. How come nobody notices that? I think that’s what drove me bonkers. Everybody was just so willing and happy to put Charles Manson in charge of national security. Supposedly Thurman is so charismatic, people just melt like butter and agree with him after just a few minutes. Like Rodney -- who went through the most bogus character arc I’ve seen in a while. Does Howey honestly expect us to believe that milquetoast Donald is the only person to try and stop Thurman? Give me a break?

Anna – I kept wondering what the hell she saw in Donald? The trouble she goes to winning him baffled me.

Mission – Was boring and had no personality. Of course, most of the characters didn’t have much of a personality. It probably didn’t help that in Mission’s scenes, Howey spends long passages describing life in the Silo one more time (like I didn’t get enough of that in Wool?)

Solo – His story is very sad. But let’s face it, we already knew what was going to happen to him.

Shadow -- Was purposely put in the book to make Solo’s life even sadder. Grrr

Charlotte -- Who’s that?

Helen -- Made me think of June Cleaver.

In conclusion, this book annoyed me. I loved Wool. I wanted to read Dust, but now I’m not so sure. Howey should have left the past a mystery.
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Ebook Vardiya read Online! I'm the author of WOOL, a top 5 science fiction book on Amazon. I also wrote the Molly Fyde saga, a tale of a teenager from the 25th century who is repeatedly told that girls can't do certain things -- and then does them anyway.

A theme in my books is the celebration of overcoming odds and of not allowing the cruelty of the universe to change who you are in the process. Most of them are classified as science fiction, since they often take place in the future, but if you love great stories and memorable characters, you'll dig what you find here. I promise.

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