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Another in a series of religious books that I was recommended, I chose to read this next because the main body of the book is less than 100 pages! I thought, "Great! I can read this in just a couple days!" However, I greatly underestimated how intellectual this author is. With practically every other page containing one or more words that I would have to look up, I think this book has stretched my vocabulary more than anything else I have read since college! Here is a quick sample of some of the words I had to look up (I write them down on the pages of the book so I won't have to look them up again):

Relativism- the concept that "points of view" have no absolute truth or validity
Existentialsim- the individual has the responsibility for giving one's own life meaning.
Exegetically- (Exegesis) a critical explanation or interpretation.
Epistemology- the study of knowledge
Ecclesiology- the study of the Christian church
Mileu- environment
Dichotomy- division
Hermeneutics- the study of the interpretation of Holy texts.
Didactic- instruction and information in a fascinating and intriguing manner.
Pantheism- God and the universe are identical, or God is a process of relating to the universe and is impersonal.

It just makes me smile at how many of these words the spell check is not recognizing! I can sympathize! But don't you feel smarter just having read that?!

It was also ridiculous to me that such a short book had a Foreword, Introduction, Preface and two Appendixes!!! Seriously!

So, while this book did have a few statements that I enjoyed and found insightful, it was very "high brow" and overly intellectual. I also felt like the author would repeat himself three or four times in a row by saying things like, "So, as you can see, this is a bad way of thinking. Thinking this way leads to unhappiness and depression. So, it leads us to conclude that we will be unhappy and depressed if we think along these lines." (That is just a simple example made up in my own words, but I felt like I encountered sections similar to this over and over again.)

So, the "high brow"-ness and the, what I felt was, poor writing style in places made me give this particular book a much lower rating from my other self-help books thus far. Thank goodness it was short then, I guess.

But here are a couple quotes or ideas that I really did like, just to give you an idea of what it was about, since there is no blurb on

1. Speaking on the modern concepts of men versus the Biblical concepts of man: "Modern men say there is no love, there is only sex, but they fall in love. Men say there are no moral motions, everything is behavioristic, but they all have moral motions. Even in the more profound area of epistemology (see above), no matter what a man says he believes, actually- every moment of his life- he is acting as though Christianity were true and it is only the Christian system that tells him why he can, must, and does act the way he does. There is no other way."

2. The author also talks about how we can't exhaustively know anything because words are only words and everyone gives their own personal words personal meaning. He goes on to clarify that when he thinks of tea, he thinks of regular green tea. When his wife thinks of tea, she stayed in China for a long time, and tea is not only a drink, but part of a social culture, not to mention different than regular green tea. Therefore, "tea" means something different to both of them given their life experiences, and yet at the same time they both know what tea is and can talk about it. I liked this idea because he goes on to talk about how it is impossible to know anyone (your friends, your spouse, etc.) EXHAUSTIVELY (meaning absolutely and completely) because we are finite beings with finite understanding. The same is true of knowing God. We can not know God exhaustively.

3. The last example that I really liked in the book was a story he told in the appendix about men climbing on a cliff that was getting fogged in and iced over. Some of the men knew that if they could drop down another ten feet, they would miss the icing over of the mountain and be able to survive until the fog lifted. If they stayed, they would surely die. So, taking a "leap of faith", one man drops off the cliff, hoping that there is indeed a ledge ten feet below, but not knowing for sure. The second man waits. He hears a voice in the fog that says, "I know you can't see me, but I am here. I know these mountains like the back of my hand, and if you will trust in me, I can show you how to drop off the cliff ten feet and survive the ice." The second man begins to ask questions of this voice, even though time was short, to make sure he could trust the voice; questions to reassure the man that this voice was indeed everything that he claimed to be.

He concludes this story by saying that the Christian idea of "faith" is much more closely related to the experience of the second man instead of the first. It is reasonable and expected that we ask questions before we leap off a cliff. God wants us to ask questions and seek answers. He does not expect us to blindly jump off the cliff and hope there is a ledge below.
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Ebook He Is There And He Is Not Silent read Online! Francis August Schaeffer was an American Evangelical Christian theologian, philosopher, and Presbyterian pastor. He is most famous for his writings and his establishment of the L'Abri community in Switzerland. Opposed to theological modernism, Schaeffer promoted a more historic Protestant faith and a presuppositional approach to Christian apologetics which he believed would answer the questions of the age.

Wife: Edith Schaeffer
children: Susan Schaeffer Macaulay

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